According to Andy Depp at HeCode (the code developer of WishList Member plugin), a long awaited new version of WishList Member is being released.

As of this post, I haven’t seen the new version yet, but according to HeCode some of the improvements include:

  • Fixed Plugin Conflict WP E-commerce (also known as WP Shopping Cart) plugin.
  • File Protection feature ( Now you can protect your file right inside wordpress!)
  • Auto-generate backup! if the current version is not empty.
  • WordPress 2.9+ bug fix
  • Faster than ever.
  • Fixed Plugin Conflict with the “Yet Another Related Posts” plugin.
  • Fixed Plugin Conflict: Pretty link. It block the redirections that happen after the registration form is submitted.( now I use Pretty link!)
  • Added Registration Email Confirmation Email template
  • Added “Enable File Protection” option in Settings page. Default value for this setting is “No”
  • Added WLMEMBER_EXPERIMENTAL check for MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart API, and Infusionsoft integrations
  • Modified sidebar widget so that it also adds a strikethrough on pending and unconfirmed levels as well
  • Added option to Require Captcha Image on Registration Page
  • Added option to Require Email Confirmation After Registration
  • Added option to Require Admin Approval After Registration
  • Modified interface for the Membership Levels tab. We now hide a few options under “Advanced Settings”. Makes the page look cleaner and less confusing for newbies.
  • Paypal IPN modified
  • On IE password filed are shorter than username filed.
  • New css class name added to orginal loginwidget:
  • class=wlmember_loginwidget_input_username
  • class=class=wlmember_loginwidget_input_password
  • class=wlmember_loginwidget_input_checkrememberme
  • class=wlmember_loginwidget_input_submit

This is great news!